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Vivalys Patrimonia is a Luxembourg Sicav-Sif ombrela entity for investment funds under Luxembourg regulator supervision.

Vivalys Patrimonia was created in 2012 by Vivalys founder, senior consultant, multi-entrepreneur and investor internationally to equip the Vivalys group with a regulated vehicle and thus provide investors who share our vision and who are interested in our strategy, who are interested in benefiting from our own experiences, projects, local operations and investment opportunities, a regulated vehicle with the benefit of this type of vehicle.

Vivalys Patrimonia Management is private, fully independent and not owned or controlled by a bank, an insurer or any other body.

Vivalys Patrimonia is under the AIF (Alternative Investment Fund) regime and subject to EU AIFM governance.





Great things happen because people want to change the world!


We like people who are entreprising, creative, innovative, pioneers because they bring new things and create really value.

Changing the world begins with changing the mindset and being open minded, curious. Today we must be and think global as resources, foods, space are scattered and limited and climate is shared by everybody on Earth, and even knowledge, information, people flows everywhere, economy and societies have become interdependent.

Innovation is to be curious, creative, to think outside the box and the routine, the standards. In short, it is to invest!

Investing is creating value.

It takes a minimum of time because you have to search, discover, try, test, check, learn, fail, optimize before you can develop.

The emerging regions, young, by necessity are more imaginative and efficient. They are more open, everything is  accessible with comparatively much lower means and offer greater potential.





Provide innovative investment


To people, organization we want to help to live their passion, to take risks, to create and to develop value,

To investors we want to offer opportunities to invest in alternative assets, tangible assets, far from the volatility of financial and conventional products, and put the world at their fingertips with new markets.

We support them in the long term by bringing them our own contributions, know-how, experiences and all the tools and means necessary and adapted to the needs and objectives of each.





Direct, local, transparent and committed to your side


Only direct investment to avoid "black boxes" to hold full and direct control by a end-to-end look through without filter to be certain to have a pure management of the assets and the full respect of our strategy. This also eliminate the margins of third parties and thus optimize the amount of capital to be invested and so contribute to the performance.

Investing internationally, we do not do it from our Luxembourg office, but we are implemented locally and own and manage our assets and projects directly there. We have in-depth knowledge and understanding of what is going to be able to feel the markets and changes. That's mandatory for us to limit risks, make the best decisions and to optimize capital invested. An investment, goal, context, people, market... change over the time and we must be able to adapt and evolve. Remember, globally we are long term (illimited) investor.

Except for specific projects, specific investments at the request of a client or a particular group, we always have invested ourselves in the country and the local market before we offer the opportunity to others investors. We invest alongside the investors, thus risks and interests are always shared.

We attach great importance to the quality of relationship and transparency, trust with all actors involved in the value chain. Our horizon is the long term so we practice long term partnership. It's our state of mind.

Quality over time is our guide. We prefer small bodies, small teams, smaller assets and projects to race for numbers and size. 

For management and communication we use modern technologies including digitalization, automated procedures, reporting and dashboards at a global level with all our contacts, providing them with private services, information tools and secured communication chanels and services 24/7 for a new experience.






Small is beautiful, more efficient, more agile and more adapted especially in emerging countries.

With a reduced capital investment (USD or EUR), one can invest in proportionally larger operations in emerging and developing countries. This provides free financial leverage and further diversifies and thus decreases and limits overall risk, provides more flexibility especially in case of limited and urgent need for liquidity.

Do not use financial leverage, even cheap, because it impacts the net return and it also implies a cash and timing constraint that may run counter to the performance and the interests of investors.

Only invest in equities of small, mid-cap and private (unlisted) companies. More stable over time with the founder more involved and motivated, especially in case of difficulties. We avoid any pressure from the financial markets to decide and manage with a long-term horizon, a social vision.

Our strategy is clearly capital gain driven.

Basically our decisions are based on macroeconomic analysis.

Life cycles of assets are not always consistent with the wishes and flexibility needs of investors. This is why the offer we made to investors is as much as possible decoupled from the life cycles of the projects and the underlying assets. It is especially important when the assets, the portfolio is very diversified. Our investment vehicles are open-ended (evergreen) with a minimum commitment period for each subscription.

We invest in what is fundamental for humans: real estate, agri-food, health, energy, natural resources and new technologies, transport and logistics.